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Rodriguez and Associates Inc.  Scope of Services
Rodriguez and Associates, Inc. provides an integrated approach to the management of any project, serving to protect the rights and interests of the Owner while maintaining controls on costs, schedule, and scope of work.  We have managed all phases of projects, sometimes separately, and sometimes on a single project.  These services include validation of assessments, maintaining budget, managing the Architect through the design process, managing the bidding process, obtaining permits, and then managing project construction and closeout.  This is a process that we have successfully repeated many times and have become very familiar with. 
Our years of experience in project management from the early design phases through closeout gives us a level of knowledge and understanding that we believe makes us an industry leader.  We have followed this formula in various delivery methods, from Owner’s Representative Services, to CM at-risk to Design-build and variations between. 
On previous projects we have maintained budgets through various design phases, coordinating with changing scopes of work and coordinating the requirements of various end-users.  We have conducted meetings to solidify ideas and receive approvals and gain consensus.  We have coordinated the requirements of outside agencies with the design work, and then later coordinated the installation of work for outside agencies.  We have conducted pre-approval processes with various City Departments, and then guided the project through the building permit process.

We have conducted value engineering exercises where budget and scope are in opposition and made recommendations to the Owner on the most effective value engineering decisions.  We have written Contractor agreements, Architect agreements, and Consultant agreements, negotiating terms, conditions, and fees to produce the best result for the Owner.  We have written Division 0 and 1 documents and specifications, tailored for the requirements and needs of the particular Owner.  We have conducted peer reviews of documents prior to bidding to make recommendations on effective changes that will produce the best possible pricing with the least potential changes. 
We have coordinated environmental consultants to ensure that adequate abatement scope is included in the documents while being mindful of any concerns of liability on the part of the Design Team, Owner, and End User.  We have recommended various strategies for using alternates in bid documents to maximize the potential for the project while maintaining responsiveness to the bidding environment.  We have made award recommendations after bidding and then managed construction contracts to a successful conclusion, always maintaining control over potential change orders and schedule, while ensuring that the scope as bid is built with the highest quality possible. 
And finally, we have developed a systematic approach to project completion and close-out to ensure a well-coordinated contract closure in a timely and amicable way, with the maximum benefit to the Owner.  Ours is not only a knowledge of project management itself, but is also a knowledge of processes and people involved.  We become a key adjunct to the Design Team, forming a partnership of design and management and we work with Contractors in an amicable way, that produces for the Owner the best possible results.  Contact us and we will be pleased to review details of our methods of project management.

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